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Lamiaa Ameen

I was born in a small village in Egypt called Oseem on 17th September 1989. This village is not very well known, but I always take pride in that I was born and raised there as I believe it has shaped a big part of who I am because of the spirit of its people and the place itself.
I’m an Applied Arts graduate (2011), and I also studied Advertising at Helwan University’s Applied Arts department as part of my pre-masters.
Currently, I’m an art director at Kijamii… and I’m also a little noisy boy’s new mother. 


My life is my only inspiration… my daily situations. I believe we all get inspired by our own lives in one way or another, but we all have different ways of expression.
I find inspiration from even the smallest details in my everyday life… from the bird that stood at my window greeting me good morning in its own little way, to the passing people in my life who I’ve only met once and will never see again. Of course, there are also my dreams… which are basically a projection of my life and feelings.